Satan convinced Adam that God cannot be trusted.

Hath God said.

Those three simple words lead Adam down a path of destruction of his own choosing. He made a decision based on the word of satan that God could not be trusted.

The only power that Satan has is the power of deception. By default we believe Satan’s lies about the nature and character of God (Romans 3:23, Romans 5:17). Since the rebellion of Adam in the garden, the devil’s lies have been perpetuated not only by governments, the media, and many ungodly organizations, but also by most religions of the world. We have been led to believe that God is mean and vengeful, that he is the cause of sickness, that he creates earthquakes and floods and pours out his wrath upon the earth. It just is not true. The mess that this world is in is man-made not God made.

If you will choose to believe in the true nature and character God, you can live in the victory that Jesus purchased for us through his death, burial, and Resurrection!

I dare you to take a journey into knowing and believing in a God whom you can take at his word knowing that he will never hurt you, never betray you, and has the most amazing life for you!

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