Who I Am. Perception is everything!

Who I see myself as will determine the boundaries of my life. So I have to ask myself, who do I truly believe that I am?

When I do ask myself that question, my intellect will immediately spew out an answer. But, in reality, the real answer lies in the fruit of my life because I cannot bear fruit different from what I truly believe about myself at a heart level. So when I see things in my life that I don’t like I have to ask myself what is the root that is bearing this fruit?

Recently I caught myself dwelling on destructive thoughts. These thoughts made me ask the question why am I thinking like this? God immediately gave me the answer; I don’t perceive myself the way He sees me!

He sees me as his child with all the rights and privileges of a son, an heir!

Seeing myself as royalty changes everything.

When I see myself as royalty like God says that I am in Jesus, I won’t get upset about the things people do that offend me. I will simply send those offenses away where they can no longer bring me destruction. (The essence of forgiveness!)

I won’t allow sickness to remain in me.

I will pursue and live my dreams instead of what society has tried to force upon me.

I will shine like the city on a hill. I will live the abundant life that Jesus died to give me!