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I had a life altering revelation several months ago. Most of us, including myself  until recent years, have the idea that a revelation is when God shows us something that He had previously hidden from us. That is an old testament concept that has been done away with in the new covenant and in Jesus it no longer applies to us. 1 In Jesus we receive revelation when we give up our opinion and begin to see from God’s point of view.

The particular subject of the revelation that I received was the matter of how we get God’s word to work in our lives. It all has to do with Jesus’ parables of seed growing and bearing fruit in Mark 4 and how that is exactly how the word bears fruit in our lives. We hear the word. We sow it into our hearts by pondering, studying, and meditation. Simply put, use our imagination to see the word we hear as being real in our lives. Then it grows in our hearts and bears fruit just the way a seed planted in the ground does!

Where this became revelation to me in this instance is that this is a “doctrinal truth” that I have had “intellectual knowledge” of for many years. But this time when I heard the teaching about it, God’s light shined into my heart and I saw it from God’s perspective. The simple truth is that I am responsible for tending to the seed that is sown in my heart until it bears fruit.

Well, when we receive revelation or inspiration, we have to put it into practice or it is lost (Another truth Jesus shared in the parable of the sower and the seed). So I started meditating and pondering a truth that I have desired to have the fruit of in my life for my entire walk as a believer. The truth of Jesus living, breathing, dwelling in me.

So what have I done? For the past several months I have taken scriptures about God dwelling in us and gotten into my secret place and used my imagination to see them as true. I see myself in Isaiah 40:312 as being wrapped up in and bound together with Jesus (that’s what the word in the Hebrew that’s translated as wait upon literally means). I imagine myself in living communion with Jesus In John 15:53 doing the same loving works that He did when he walked the earth.

In Jesus’ parable about the farmer that sowed the seed that I referred to earlier He says that the seed sprouts and grows even though the farmer doesn’t know how. As a result of the word that has been sown into my heart, I can sense changes in my life. I am reaping a harvest from the word. The reality of Jesus Christ, Son of the living God dwelling and abiding in me is having an effect on every area of my life. He is revealing God’s true nature to me and I am becoming more like Him on a daily basis and it is effortless. The word in my heart is bearing fruit even though I don’t know how!

Hebrews 4:114 exhorts us to labor to enter into rest. As we labor tending our heart’s garden, using our imagination to see the word of God is our reality, the seed of His word will bear fruit in our lives. Our faith will work as we trust and rely on the word of our loving heavenly Father.

I am more exited about my life in Jesus now than I have been since the first years of my life in Jesus. This year will mark 30 years since I met Jesus and as I see His word bringing life to and bearing fruit in my life I know it will be the best yet.

Every day in every way God’s life in me is making my life better and better!