The Works of the Devil

Why the name for this blog?

The only thing that keeps us from living the abundant life offered to us in Jesus is what we believe about God. Satan knows this. Satan, in his effort to destroy all that God loves, convinced Adam that God could not be trusted. As a result, Adam rebelled against God!

During the temptation in the garden satan asked, Hath God said?

Emphatically YES! God has said! He has said who he is and who we are in Jesus, we just have to convince ourselves that we can trust Him.

In satan’s temptation of Adam in the garden and his temptation of Jesus we see his tactic. He told Adam that if he ate the forbidden fruit he would be like God. God created Adam in His own image. He was already like God! Satan got Adam to doubt who he was. Jesus didn’t fall for it though. The devil asked Jesus “if you be the Son of God” do this. Jesus didn’t have to do anything to prove he was the Son of God, he was totally convinced of it and replied “it is written”.

Oh, and by the way, since Jesus’ resurrection satan has no ability to temp us directly but James says that temptation is when we set out to fulfill our own desires in an un-Godly manner. Then again, satan doesn’t have to personally tempt us, the world is filled with his minions spouting his lies about God and what we need to do to find fulfillment outside of God!

There are many venues by which we are constantly being bombarded with satan’s lies about who God is and why things are the way they are, you know, it’s all God’s fault! No it’s not! Stop listening! The way the world is today is the result of the choices rebellious man has made beginning with Adam’s rebellion in the Garden!  God has always promised His people peace, prosperity, and abundance starting with the children of Israel and they have always rebelled and then blamed God! Proverbs 19:3

Isaiah 14:16 tells us of the day when people will see the devil as the powerless wimp that he truly is after being stripped of his lies and deception. You can render the devil powerless in your life today, James 4:7-8 says that we have the choice now who we will submit our lives to. Many believe that this means we have to give up all the pleasures of life that a mean old God has labeled as sin. That is a luciferian lie that has been propagated from the garden. We were created in the likeness and image of God. Sin is anything that contradicts our true nature of being a child of God. The destruction that sin brings is not God judging us but rather the result of us destroying ourselves from the inside out because it is contrary to who we really are. That is why God told us how to live in conjunction with our true nature! God gave Moses the 10 Commandments on Mount Sinai, when we are born-again God writes those commandments upon our hearts. And those commandments show us how to love ourselves and how to love others.

Satan has no power in our lives apart from what we give him. He goes about as a roaring lion and like a roaring lion he intimidates by fear so he can prey on the weak and those easily confused. But you are strong in the Lord and in his mighty power and the devil is afraid of you! Stop believing his lies about who God is and start believing the truth. Our God is a lover. Our God is a healer. Our God is a deliverer. Jesus came to give us an abundant life, satan through his lies about who you are and about who God is comes only to kill, steal, and destroy.

1 John 3:8: For this purpose there was manifested the Son of God, in order that He might bring to naught the works of the devil.